Innovation research

Are you working on a project or implementing an innovation and looking to secure your decisions?

Do you want to define the parameters, features and functions of a new product that will fit in with market trends and consumer expectations?

Are you interested in defining a niche or verifying its potential, as well as assessing the attractiveness of the concept, its price and customers' preferred touchpoints?

We support our Clients in the area of innovation and niche discovery in two ways:

Advantage radar

By discovering niches and growth potentials. By applying our method:

  • we showcase opportunities for developing innovative products and services
  • we define areas that need changing and developing in order to increase chances of market success of innovations
  • we specifically indicate what features and functions the product or service should come with, where it should be available and how it should be communicated
  • we identify development trends for products and services

Innovation Score

Exploring concepts developed by Clients. Then, using analytical and research methods appropriate to the concept, we verify:

  • attractiveness of the concept to the identified group of potential customers
  • price sensitivity
  • preferred touchpoints
  • effectiveness and relevance of marketing communication

Market segmentation

Are you going to create a business development plan and need more data on your customers?

Are you developing a product or service range and want it to match the market needs perfectly?

Do you want to effectively align your marketing message with customer expectations and sales targets?

The answer to these challenges is customer segmentation, which will enable:

  • In-depth understanding of target groups: through market segmentation, we can accurately identify different customer groups with unique needs, preferences and behaviours. This allows marketing strategies, products and communications to be better tailored to specific segments, making marketing activities more effective.
  • Better tailoring of the product and service range: market segmentation makes it possible to fine-tune the offering to the needs and preferences of respective segments. We can develop products, services and marketing campaigns effectively addressing the unique expectations and needs of specific customer groups.
  • Efficient use of resources: through market segmentation, it is possible to use resources such as marketing budget, time and effort with efficiency. We can focus on the most promising segments, achieving a higher return on investment and minimising losses.
  • Creating personalised customer experiences: from now on, it will become possible to create personalised customer experiences. Thanks to the better understanding of needs and preferences in each segment, we can deliver products, services and communications that are more tailored to customers’ needs, therefore leading to greater satisfaction among customers.
  • Competitive advantage: through correct segmentation, you will be able to identify market gaps and niches to be exploited for competitive advantage. Focusing on specific segments and offering them valuable solutions provides you with the opportunity to gain greater market share and position yourself as a leader in a particular segment.

In our efforts, we use advanced segmentation techniques, such as hierarchical cluster analysis, the k-means method or decision trees. Make use of our services to get to know your target markets at a deeper level and effectively shape your marketing strategies.


Do you wonder why your shop is being visited by fewer and fewer customers and do you need to build a new target audience?

Do you want to increase conversion rates at your physical points of sale and better manage your retail space?

Do you plan on redefining the role of the offline touchpoint with your Customers?

For more than a decade, we have been assisting our Clients with similar processes by conducting functional audits of physical spaces. Our unique combination of sociological and architectural expertise on the market allows us to provide recommendations for necessary changes at a short notice.

Following the audit, you will receive specific guidance on how to quickly and effectively increase the chance of achieving your business goals by improving the shopping experience for your customers.

The audit includes an assessment of the architectural, furniture, communication, VM and digital solutions used in your retail space. The entire customer purchase path is also subject to analysis and our own perspective is complemented by interviews with showroom staff and observation of natural customer behaviour.

Therefore, you will receive specific indications from us as to what actions and changes are requisite to achieve your business objective.We make recommendations based on information gathered during audits as well as our knowledge of current trends, the market and consumers.

Are you a manufacturer? Request an audit of selected touchpoints! We will analyse the visibility and exposure of your product on the shelf in the context of the practices that most often determine consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Trend mapping

Are you looking for a niche in which to grow your business or for which you would like to create new products and services?

Do you want to get ahead of the competition in implementing innovation?

Are you building a market lead and need inspiration and a broader trend and consumer perspective?

Take advantage of our range of trend mapping services. Our team is monitoring dynamic changes in consumer preferences and behaviour on an ongoing basis, providing you with valuable insights into changes pending that will allow you to innovate and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

We are constantly observing innovation on a global scale, analysing specific business cases – verifying the relevance of the discovered formats to the markets in which our Clients operate, and contextualising niches and benchmarks.

Discovering consumer insights

Are you tired of shallow consumer insights based solely on declarations and not real practices?

Do you want to immerse yourself in the world of your customers and extract business-valuable information from them?

Are you working on aligning your range with consumer expectations so that you boost your sales?

Discovering consumer insights will not only help you better understand the needs of your target group, but also to respond to them more accurately. This part of our work probably gives us the most satisfaction, as discovering non-obvious elements of the consumer decision-making process, surprising motivations, unusual combinations is the essence of working at Omnisense.

As we discuss our DISCOVERIES, we combine various approaches that help us go beyond declarations and factual analysis, these are:

  • Semiotic analysis
  • Ethnographic research
  • In-depth interviews
  • Trend maps
  • Contextual analysis of practices

Combining perspectives and verifying hypotheses quantitatively allow us to gain valuable insights.

Brand awareness research

Do you need to make your monitoring of brand awareness changes effective and valuable?

Do you want to determine the effectiveness of your marketing strategy?

Are you trying to decide on your planned promotional activities and how they fit with your target audience?

Brand awareness research is a key tool in analysing customers’ level of brand recognition and understanding. It is used to assess the extent to which a brand is recognised.

This research allows the effectiveness of the marketing strategy to be monitored, customer confidence to be built and communication activities to be adapted.

Generally speaking, awareness research consists of three components to capture spontaneous brand awareness, aided awareness and to determine the level of top-of-mind (TOM) awareness.

Working on brand awareness can also include the DAGMAR model, which classifies respondents into one of four groups and determines the level of brand anchoring in the customer’s mind.

Not only do studies prepared by our team include the results and conclusions of the research, but they also recommendations for further work on brand awareness in the target group.

Competitive environment research

Competitive environment research

Do you wonder where to open new outlets or business premises?

Do you want to know your competitors' advantages and adjust your business assumptions based on this knowledge?

Our consulting and research studio conducts 2 independent processes related to brand competition research.

The first one is based on a brand health analysis. In this approach, we use both perspectives: quantitative as well as qualitative, adapting them to the Client’s specific problem. Qualitative research enables us to explore customers’ perspectives and their perceptions of the brand in the context of the competition, while quantitative research provides us with numerical data that enables us to accurately analyse competitive advantages and areas where competitors succeed. Such a holistic approach makes it possible to provide the Client with comprehensive knowledge, allowing for a better understanding of the market and, consistently, for accurate strategic decision-making.

The second process is characterised by an analysis of the competitive environment in a local context. It focuses on an in-depth analysis of a specific space in order to identify the optimal location for a new network outlet or new premises. We use advanced tools and techniques that enable us to create detailed maps to show market saturation and competitive advantages in respective areas. As a result, we are capable of identifying a gap in the market that the Client can exploit to successfully grow its network. In addition, we will provide you with valuable information on consumer preferences and behaviour in a specific area so that you can effectively plan your marketing activities and increase your competitive advantage.

Customer satisfaction survey

Do you want to strengthen customer relationships and increase satisfaction levels with your product or service range?

Do you have concerns about your customer service strategy?

Are you looking for answers on how to build your customers' loyalty more effectively?

Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the primary ways of nurturing brand development.

As a consulting and research studio, we offer satisfaction surveys based on a wide range of indicators such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), Customer Effort Score (CES) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Loyalty Index (CLI), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) or Brand Advocacy.

The selection of indicators to be measured is made in conjunction with the Client, so that the measures taken fully meet the needs and challenges faced by the brand.
For instance, with NPS analysis you will be able to assess the level of customer loyalty and identify brand promoters. CSI will give you an understanding of the overall quality of customer service and CES will help you identify and reduce the difficulties a customer has to achieve their goals. Finally, the CSAT analysis will allow you to assess your customers’ overall satisfaction with your products and services. Our research will provide you with valuable insights on how to improve your operations, increase customer satisfaction and build strong customer relationships.

Know your customer – online survey

Do you want to map real practices of consumers that affect their purchasing decisions?

Are you looking for more valuable data on your customers that goes beyond declaration and statistics?

Are you making strategic decisions about your company's business future and looking for data to secure them?

Running an online business makes you realise that the knowledge provided by basic statistics is sometimes insufficient and the level of generality is too high to make strategic decisions based on such statistics.

The solution to the problem at hand may be to use a tool developed by our team, which is tailored directly to your needs, so that the data collected from your customers provides information requisite to take the right action.

With appropriately asked questions and thoughtful questionnaire design, you will map real consumer practices that have a direct impact on consumer decisions in an efficient manner and with little cost. Thanks to our many years of practice, our knowledge of the market and consumers we do know how to ask questions to find out the actual preferences of consumers.

As a result of our analysis, you will gain a valuable report with an interpretation of the results and business recommendations!

Brand health assessment

Do you want to build a long-term competitive advantage for your brand?

Are you looking for answers on how to respond to dynamically changing market conditions and consumer needs?

Do you need in-depth insights into market perceptions of your brand?

Assessing a brand’s health is a fundamental step in preparing a CX strategy to understand a brand’s strength and perception in the market. When you choose to implement a project with us, you can be sure to receive valuable information about your brand image, brand awareness and customer relations.

While assessing the health of your brand, we analyse various indicators, such as brand recognition, brand associations, customer loyalty and competitive assessment. We use a variety of methods, including surveys, market data analysis and comparative assessment, to provide a comprehensive picture of your brand health.

By analysing the health of your brand, you will be able to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand: a brand health check enables you to identify your brand’s unique characteristics and strengths that attract customers and help you stand out in the marketplace. This allows you to focus on these aspects and build a long-term competitive advantage. Additionally, you will discover such aspects as may negatively affect your brand’s image or business performance. As a result, we can take proper action to improve these aspects and make the brand more competitive.
  • Understanding customer perceptions: a brand health assessment helps you understand how customers perceive your brand and what their preferences are. This enables you to align your marketing and communication strategies with customer expectations, building emotional connections and creating brand loyalty.
  • Monitor changes in the market: brand health analysis allows you to track changes in the market and assess the impact of external factors on the brand. As a result, we can adapt marketing strategies and take proper action in response to ever-changing market conditions.
  • Plan the future of the brand: based on an assessment of the brand’s health, we can formulate long-term strategies and plan future actions. This allows the brand to properly identify growth opportunities and remain competitive in the market.

Flexible consulting

Your team could use an expert who, based on broad market context and industry knowledge, can support you in making the most difficult business decisions?

Are you looking for answers to questions about the effectiveness of your strategy and development activities?

Would you like to entrust some strategic, research or analytical work to a specialised multidisciplinary team?

For the most part, the scope of our consultancy activities is related to the processes implemented on the basis of research and in close cooperation with our Clients. This does not change the fact that we are open to other forms of cooperation, such as:

  • Online Support: online consultation – you share with us your challenges, problems and ideas – things you are currently dealing with and we provide you with insights, contextual knowledge of various industries and awareness of consumer trends. Not all situations require separate, dedicated research and analysis processes; sometimes, our expertise is enough to take your processes further.
  • Team player: our expert becomes a member of your team. Together with the employees of your brand/organisation, they work hand in hand on insights, conclusions and concepts.
  • Try Me / Challenge Accepted: we love challenges. If you want to share some, find out if our approach really allows you to make new discoveries? Feel free to contact us.
  • PeaceMaker: – i.e. facilitation and moderation of internal meetings. Sometimes, our external, expert perspective helps to come to an agreement faster and discover better solutions. Our customers appreciate this form of support for their internal processes.