Trend workshop

Do you want to know and understand the importance of trends that are the most influential in shaping current and future consumer behaviour?

Are you looking for practical knowledge based on a broad market perspective and tailored to your business profile?

Do you need inspiration to support the creation and development of new products, services or innovations?

If you are looking for support in at least one of these, the trending Omnisense workshop is for you!

What distinguishes our approach? The fact that the scope and subject matter of the workshops are always tailored to the needs of the people attending the meetings, and that general knowledge is embedded in the context of parameters relevant to your business, such as the age of the target group, the industry, the specific product or service category, the attitude to modern technological solutions or innovations.

What do we guarantee? An inspiring dose of practical knowledge
of trends along with examples of how to work with trends on a daily basis while creating a valuable offer for your audience.

Workshop – how to ensure consistency of experience across offline and online channels?

Do you want to provide the best and most consistent shopping experience for your customers?

Do you need to build a loyal consumer base and boost your sales?

Your mission is to respond to customer needs with accuracy, speed and agility?

In a workshop meeting on this topic, we will prove that it is possible to provide consistent online and offline experiences that meet both the emotional and functional needs of consumers.

Together, we will develop ideas for solutions that you will implement in your organisation. It is all about providing the best possible shopping experience for your customers, no matter which channel they’re coming from, or what stage of the purchase path they are at.

Market research – knowledge and practice

Do you want to learn how to properly design research processes?

Do you commission market research in your work, but do not have thorough knowledge of it?

Do you work with the research department on a daily basis and want to become a more competent partner at work?

The aim of the workshop is to learn the basics of market research design and to consolidate knowledge of practical implementation of research processes. Our workshop is aimed at those who cooperate with research departments, outsource research and conduct research projects themselves.

Having thorough knowledge of market research allows you to feel at ease as you work with research departments and outsource research to other companies without shame. Further, participation in the workshop gives you an opportunity to gain sufficient knowledge to conduct your own simple research.

If you want to feel more at ease in the world of market research, learn about good practice or are interested in gaining a solid foundation in research design – this workshop is for you.

Workshop – how to build a consistent communication strategy based on consumer practices

Do you want to ensure that your strategy is consistent with the business objectives of the entire organisation?

Are you looking for consumer insights to drive valuable and effective communication?

Do you need to create content that sells effectively thanks to its relevance?

We invite you to participate in a marketing workshop where you will learn good practices, for instance: defining target groups properly, competitive advantages, selecting the right channels and communication tools or finding strong insights.

What distinguishes our workshop from other such offers on the market on similar topics is the focus on the practical side of a marketer’s work and on honing the ability to plan communication activities in a manner to support the interests and objectives pursued by all key departments in an organisation (sales, NB, NPD, PR, product, service or distribution network management).