Qualitative research

In-depth interviews

Do you want to understand your customer and how they fulfil their purchasing needs in order to perfectly match your offer to their expectations?

Are you looking for answers to questions about purchasing pathways and motivation?

Do you need consumer "insurance" for business decisions and planned expenditure?

Fully discovering the needs, preferences and motivations of your target group is only possible by immersing yourself in the consumer’s world. Your challenges and needs translated into proper questions will allow you to grow and solve your most difficult problems.

Our balanced combination of professionalism and empathy makes respondents feel comfortable as they share their thoughts and experiences. This not only allows us to provide you with valuable insights, but also gives you the opportunity to develop personalised strategies which guarantee sustainable success for your business.

Focus group interviews

Are you working on innovative products and want to confront your ideas with consumer expectations?

Do you need to learn about multiple prospects that will contribute to your market competitiveness?

Do you want to understand your target group so that you can better respond to their needs with suitable products?

The focus group interviews are a research method that will help you effectively find answers to all of the questions mentioned above.
Thanks to the proper group dynamics and focus on key topics, as well as the use of shared experiences, ideas developed are more attractive and conclusions reached more reliable; as a result, you can streamline the processes of increasing your competitiveness in the market.

Mining workshops

Do you want to fully explore the potential of your brand and go beyond the usual business patterns?

Do you plan on developing a product or service list, but you have no clue what direction to go in?

Are you looking for inspiration in market trends and expert support in interpreting them?

Discover the potential of your brand and develop products meeting the most demanding consumer expectations with tailor-made workshops. The workshops are the place where the effect of synergy is brought about.

With your experience and our knowledge of the industry combined, we will be able to develop new solutions to understand the market even better. We will create an inspiring space where creativity will flourish and ideas will be born through collaboration and sharing of knowledge.

Photo diaries

Do you want to go beyond survey declarations and therefore uncover real consumer practices?

Do you wonder how your products perform in the real world of customers?

Are you looking for product niches and consumer needs to which you can respond with new products?

The photo diaries are a one-of-a-kind study that will allow you to trace consumer behaviour, needs and how they are met, shopping habits or life routines and rituals like no other tool.

Knowledge derived from these authentic, everyday experiences of consumers grants you access to unconscious practices and behaviours that are impossible to articulate during an interview. Let your customers share their habits and preferences in the natural setting, which will provide you with valuable insights to optimise your product or service range and increase customer engagement.

Semiotic analysis

Do you want to discover hidden meanings and symbols affecting the perception of your brand and products?

Do you need to measure the power of their impact on consumers of your target group?

Do you know that purchasing decision-making processes are governed by hidden mechanisms and do you want to understand how consumers really act and think?

Our advanced semiotic analysis will provide you with the answers to these questions and needs. Semiotics explain how signs are created and how they interact with the consumer. They allow us to go deeper, beyond the superficial, conscious declarations of consumers; therefore, they show us the hidden mechanisms that make consumers think and act in certain ways.

The range of semiotic analyses includes: semiotic audit, context explorer, semiotic foresight, semiotic window and semiotic test.

Desk research

Do you need data to make safe business decisions?

Do you want to take a broader look at the market and consumers?

Are you looking for industry knowledge and resources to help you find answers to your business questions in a complete and comprehensive manner?

Save time and resources with our comprehensive desk research analysis. Our team is capable of thoroughly researching available sources of information, industry reports, statistics and data, providing you with tangible results to help you make informed business decisions based on sound foundations. Identify the problem and we will find the answer.

Quantitative research


Do you want to make quick business decisions based on data you have collected?

Do you need to validate at scale the issues surrounding the development of your business?

Are you looking for answers to questions about your products, opinions, buying habits or the behaviour of your customers?

Take advantage of our surveys! This versatile tool allows reliable and comprehensive data to be provided at a short notice. Quantitative survey research is flexible and allows you to collect a variety of information, from customer demographics to their preferences and buying habits, as well as their opinions on your products or services.

The unquestionable advantage of surveys is their short turnaround time and insights that can provide a great basis for further in-depth research.

Multidimensional data analysis

Do you want to securely grow your business based on data you have collected?

Are you looking for ways to use cumulative customer information in a manner that will increase sales and your market advantage?

Has expenditure on data collection and analysis failed to deliver any tangible business impact so far?

Understanding complex behavioural patterns, as well as uncovering deeper relationships among such factors as may affect consumer decisions, requires techniques and methods that are capable of reaching the hidden meanings hidden in collected data.

A properly conducted multidimensional analysis with multiple data sources and contextual data processing methods will enable you to extract information buried beneath the surface for you to make sound business decisions.

Development of statistical models

Do you wonder how external market factors affect your business performance and how to make sound decisions as a result?

Do you want to predict future customer behaviour and personalise targeted activities accordingly?

Do you need to reliably analyse the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and increase the return on your investment in communications?

Make use of statistical models used to identify patterns, relationships and trends from data collected in market research. Their value cannot be stressed enough!

Thanks to a study incorporating them you can:

Make sound decisions: statistical models provide us with objective information and data-driven results we need to make informed business decisions on a sound basis

Forecast trends and customer behaviour: by analysing historical data and identifying patterns, statistical models enable us to forecast future trends and customer behaviour. This helps us to adapt marketing strategies to ever-changing customer needs and preferences.

Segment the market: statistical models enable us to segment the market based on various criteria, such as demographics, purchasing behaviour or preferences. As a result, we can create personalised strategies for various customer groups, increasing the effectiveness of marketing activities.

Optimise marketing activities: the analysis of statistical models allows us to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, identify factors affecting the success of specific actions and improve marketing strategies. This contributes to the better use of resources and an increased return on investment.

Identify opportunities and threats in the market: statistical models help us analyse external and internal factors affecting your business performance. Therefore, we can identify opportunities and threats in the market and take proper actions.

Creation of decision trees

Do you want to effectively identify customer preferences and their changing buying habits?

Are you looking for strategic support in identifying business success factors for your company?

Do you need to identify predictable results of planned marketing or strategic activities?

Creation of decision trees is a method of data analysis that will enable you to make correct decisions in business, as they will be data-insured. Use this method with us so that we can help you

Identify key success factors: decision trees help to identify the key factors affecting your business performance. We can identify with precision which factors matter most and focus our strategies on them.

Segment target groups: decision trees allow customers to be divided into various target groups based on their demographic characteristics, purchasing behaviour or preferences. As a result, we can create personalised marketing strategies meeting the needs and expectations of various customer groups even better.

Detect patterns and trends: decision tree analysis enables the discovery of patterns and trends from market data. We can identify customer preferences, changing shopping habits or consumer trends. This enables marketing strategies to be better adapted to dynamic market changes.

Optimise marketing activities: decision trees help evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and identify the factors that impact results to the greatest extent. Therefore, we can optimise our operations, focusing on the areas that deliver the best results.

Forecast results: based on decision trees, we can forecast future results and assess the effectiveness of our strategies. We can simulate various scenarios and make decisions based on anticipated results.

Price sensitivity tests

Are you launching a new product or service, or perhaps do you want to change the price of your current range?

Do you want to understand the price flexibility of a particular market segment?

Are you interested in how the market will react to potential promotions, discounts and special price offers?

Setting the price is one of the key decisions to determine the volume of sales and the profitability of the business. Too low a price will result in a loss of potential profits, while too high a price will lead to decreased sales volumes.

By opting for price sensitivity research, you will be able to make informed pricing decisions and adapt your marketing strategies to price preferences of your customers.The implementation of the study will allow you to identify the optimal prices for your product/service, which will consequently help you optimise your pricing policy and achieve higher financial results.

In addition, the results of the research will give you a better understanding of your customers’ price preferences compared to your competitors.In this manner, you will be able to adapt your pricing strategy to stand out in the market and gain a competitive advantage.

Contextual data analysis

Do you collect data on your customers, but you actually do not use it at all?

Are you still looking for ways to effectively use Big Data in your business decisions?

Do you have access to plenty of data and find it problematic to translate it into increased sales or business growth?

We live in a day and age where gathering data on customer behaviour and preferences is a business standard. Such data provides – when analysed contextually – a solid basis for managing a product, brand or service. Left unprocessed, however, data is just a set of numbers that contributes little to business and is difficult to put into practice. If you, too, are stuck in a sea of BIG DATA and are unsure what conclusions to draw from the knowledge you gather and, more importantly, what business decisions you should make as a result – seek support from our experts!

We will analyse the available data and materials in a manner that will provide you with specific indications and recommendations for your business, as well as data-driven answers to your business questions.

We have a working knowledge of the market, consumers and trends, which – combined with multidimensional and contextual data analysis – allows us to draw accurate conclusions and build specific business recommendations.